The nun Clara Fey

Clara Fey, who was born on April 11, 1815 as the daughter of an Aachen textile manufacturer couple, got to know the miserable living conditions of the children of poor parents in the North Eifel when she was young.
While the parents were forced to look for work in the city in times of industrialization , the children in the villages were often left to their own devices. This is exactly where Clara Fey came in: in 1837 she founded a care facility with her own funds, where poor children were cared for and taught.
Seven years later, in 1844, she constituted the religious order of the "Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus". work in kindergartens and homes or schools around the world, has made service to needy children and young people her top priority.
Clara Fey can be found in the "Eifel/Eifel-Vorland" building group.

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