Forester shows children something on a tree

WaldpädagogikZentrum Eifel

The "WaldPädagogikZentrum Eifel" (WPZ) is the result of a cooperation between the Rhineland Regional Council and the North Rhine-Westphalia State Forest and Wood Agency, Zülpicher Börde Forestry Office. It is located in the LVR open-air museum in Kommern.
As an extracurricular place of learning, the WPZ offers forest experiences as an interactive experience of nature. It combines environmental education and playful exploration of nature through authentic experience of the forest with its diverse relationships to people.
The topics conveyed by the WPZ range from forest growth to the relationships of the forest ecosystem to forest treatment in different epochs up to the present day.

The sponsors of LVR-open air museum Kommern: