View of a garden with a text board in the foreground

Circular route through the Rhenish cultural landscape

On this circular route through the museum grounds, you can embark on a journey of discovery through the Rhenish cultural landscape and explore exciting aspects of the interaction between man and nature.
Gardens, fields and animals have shaped the village and the daily life of the people for thousands of years. Stroll through gardens from different times in our five assemblies, discover important cultivated plants in the fields and learn more about the further processing of raw materials, the role of animals in everyday life and the management of the forest and other natural areas. Find out more about the village infrastructure such as fountains, cemeteries or ditches. You can find background information on these topics on the 24 information steles that are distributed throughout the site.
You can get a flyer with the circular route and its stations at the cash desk in German. The information on de route are also in Englisch.

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