sleeping room in a farmhouse

Farmyards, stables, barns, shops

In the museum you can look around the original historical buildings, as they once stood in their villages. The interiors contain furniture and household objects from their time, allowing visitors to view the daily lives of their dwellers. Discover the Rhineland market-place, too!

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Historische Bauspielzeug

Exhibitions of the Rhineland State Museum of Folklore

Daily life and customs, childhood and ageing, present and history, work and leisure time - annual special exhibitions and the permanent exhibition „We Rhinelanders“ allow you to view the many different aspects of the daily culture and history of the Rhinelanders.

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farmer looks to the tree

Work and leisure, daily life and the celebrations of people in the Rhineland.

The Open-Air Museum is a museum about people. Their lives and work in times gone by are central to our exhibitions. The people in the museum - „Peasant Woman", "Cartwright", „Mouse-trap Pedlar“ and many more show you their traditional work and explain their historical background.

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sheep on a pasture

Sheep, pigs, cattle and chickens in the museum

You will encounter animals all over the grounds of the museum. For the museum not only wants to show you how people used to live, but also what they grew in fields and gardens, and what kind of animals belonged to the peasants’ farmsteads.

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Feuerspucker beim Jahrmarkt anno dazumal


All through the year large and small events take place in the museum, from the fun-fair to sheep-shearing and the Big Laundry Day, up to the Time Window, the festival of memories, and the Advent/Christmas Market.

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