Eine Familie schaut sich eine hölzerne Weinpresse an. Foto: Nils Nöll

For families

There is a lot for children and young people of all ages to discover in the open-air museum - making it a perfect excursion destination for families.
Our tips for families:
  • There are different animals to discover in each assembly: oxen, cows, chickens, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs and many more.
  • Look over the shoulder of the blacksmith, the stonemason or the housekeepers. Do your children remember phone booths? Show them to them in the Rhineland marketplace
  • Explore the museum with a geocache.
  • Immerse yourself in earlier times at one of our events.
In addition, there are of course baby changing rooms in the toilet facilities, children's portions and chairs in the inn, handcarts to borrow to transport children and provisions, picnic opportunities on the museum lawns or in the picnic area of the inn with no obligation to eat. You can also warm up baby bottles or food in the inn.

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