The fine lady from town Sybilla Schmitz

Sybilla Schmitz lived in 1892 in Poppelsdorf near Bonn at Kirchallee 31. She was born in Ruppenrod in the Westerwald in 1833 as the daughter of the wealthy farmer and mayor August Mungenast and his wife. In 1847 she moved to Bonn to live with her godmother, whose husband "had made it." As a trained furniture maker, he now ran a flourishing furniture factory. In Bonn she attended a high school for girls, where she received lessons in music, handicrafts, painting and French. There she met her future husband Hermann, who worked as an administrative lawyer at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität and later held a high position in the management of the agricultural academy in Poppelsdorf.
Thanks to her "good dowry", the wedding took place in 1854. 1856 daughter Anna was born. She was brought up in a boarding school. She later married and had two sons. Son Max, born in 1858, worked as an editor at the Kölner Zeitung and also lived in Cologne.
Sybilla Schmitz and her husband lived in a spacious house ( Three-window house) with a front garden. In the imperial era, it was very pleasant and comfortable to live in high society. Since the children are out of the house, the housemaid Sophie did the work herself, and helpers were hired by the hour for all major work.
The lady of the Haus had enough time for her hobbies, such as attending the reading society and meeting with her friends.
Modern means of transport such as horse-drawn trams, steam trams and trains not only made shopping easier for people back then, but also made many trips possible.
Today Sybilla Schmitz is visiting her family in Ruppenrod (in the Westerwald building group).

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