A woman with a white headscarf picks flowers from a purple flowering bush

Farmers wife Anna Ippendorf

In 1870 Anna Ippendorf lived with her husband Caspar in Kessenich near Bonn at Burgstraße 25.
They had bought the house six years earlier from the mayor Johann Josef Kemp. Caspar Ippendorf worked on the Rhine on the newly opened railway line, which is heavily frequented because of the Franco-Prussian War.
She works in the house and in the garden and pursues her housewifely activities, as they were typical in pre-industrial times: cooking on an open fire, spinning on the spinning wheel and with the hand spindle, tying brooms, chopping wood and more. In the garden she takes care of the cultivation and harvest of old types of vegetables, prepares food for herself and her husband from them and preserves the remaining yields for the winter or sells them to the citizens of Poppelsdorf and Bonn.
You can find Anna Ippendorf in the house Kessenich or the adjoining garden in the "Eifel/Eifel-Vorland" building group.

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