Children's carousel and chain carousel

Year's fair "anno dazumal"

4th to 16th April
On Good Friday, April 7th, the fair is closed and the museum is open.
From 4th to 16th April we invite you again to the "anno dazumal" and thus to a unique foray through the history of popular entertainment.
The journey begins in the imperial era after 1871 and ends at the fairground of the economic miracle. The traditional museum fair is characterized by attractions that can no longer be experienced at any other German fairground or even at other nostalgic fairs: Above all, there are classic, exhibitions that have long been unknown today, old show booths such as the "Anatomical Museum" and the "Panoptikum" peep box, which make the museum fun festival, which has long been known well beyond Germany's borders, unmistakable. Of course, ancient carousels also turn, such as the last surviving caterpillar track from the 1920s and the first listed Ferris wheel.
The countless offers, including many hand-picked itinerant traders and craftsmen's stands, also include a colorful world-class artistic program. For this year's "Year-Of-Year Fair" top-class artists could again be engaged. The absolute highlight are the daily performances by the GeschwisterWisdom® from Gotha, Europe's largest tightrope troupe. In their historical rope program, they revive classics from the 19th century and show sensational pyramids with splits and bicycles in their high-wire show.
Children find plenty of amusement. This is ensured by many historical games of skill, historical carousels suitable for children, "Gilbert" with its amusing trickery and a first-class traveling puppet theater in the style of the Imperial Era.

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