A woman in a blue suit sits at a table with many small boxes and leafs through a notebook

Avon consultant Margret Schmidt

Margret Schmidt, née Fuhs, comes from Euskirchen and has been helping her parents in the hairdressing shop since she was a child. In 1935 she married the accountant Eduard Schmidt from Kuettingen, who worked in the Müller cloth factory there.
Daughter Annemarie was born in 1945, the last year of the war. Margret's husband and her father die in the last days of the war and Margret and her mother are on their own. They move into an apartment together in Wisskirchen. The women in their household make do with the widow's pension and have to earn extra money.
You do the hair of the neighbors or go cleaning. Some of these neighbors dream of a completely carefree world as housewives in their newly built homes. Everything that comes from America is modern.
But unfortunately there are only shops in Cologne and where should you get things for the small personal luxury, such as laundry or even cosmetics? Margret's hour strikes when she learns about the American company AVON, which trains women to be cosmetics consultants. She becomes self-employed with a representative license and is soon known as an AVON cosmetics consultant around Kommern, because AVON brings beauty to your home!
You will find Magret Schmidt in the Quelle prefabricated house from Stommelerbusch on the Rhineland market square.

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