In more than 90 events you can gain an exciting insight into life in the Rhineland in past centuries and vividly experience how people used to work and celebrate. Here you will find fascinating and informative things on offer, from exhibition openings, through workshops for children and adults, to festivals and markets over several days.

Every year there are five major events, which continue for several days:

Jahresprogramm 2018 (PDF, 1.13 MB)

Jahresprogramm 2018 (PDF, 1.13 MB)

Fun-fair in the year dot ("Jahrmarkt anno dazumal")

The fun-fair in the year dot takes place annually from Easter Saturday for nine days. With about 80 carousels, fairground attractions, artistic sensations and rummage stalls, it enables visitors to sample and survey the history of popular entertainment. A fair from the time of the Kaiser and special gastronomic delights round off the event.

zum Jahrmarkt anno dazumal 2018

Crazy Wood ("Verrücktes Holz")

Ardennes and Brabantian carthorses, Unimogs and Bulldogs - horsepower of various kinds with great pulling force come together every year in March/April for the sake of the forest.

zur Veranstaltung Verrücktes Holz 2018

Time Window ("ZeitBlende")

With music, show, dance, veteran cars meeting, photo exhibitions and gastronomic creations, the time window allows visitors to look and learn about what went on exactly 50 years ago.

zur ZeitBlende 1967

After the Harvest ("Nach der Ernte")

Dozens of carthorses and draught oxen, lots of veteran tractors and old agricultural appliances will be put to good use at a weekend in September.

zu "Nach der Ernte" 2017

Advent in the Museum ("Advent im Museum")

Getting in the right mood for Christmas time with gingerbread and traditional biscuits and cakes from the museum’s ovens, art- and craft-works, music, story-telling, tours by lamplight and with staged performances about the history of the Christmas tree.

zu "Advent im Museum" 2017