Friends of the Museum

Friends of the Museum (Förderverein)

The Friends of the Rhenish Open Air Museum Kommern (Förderverein e.V) has several hundred members from all over Germany, who help to advance the work of the museum with their contributions and through relaying donations of money and in kind. Every year multifarious things for the Open Air Museum are purchased from the funds of the association.

Whether it is lending wheelchairs or hiring out kids’ carts (Bollerwagen) in the museum shop, or providing costumes and props for the players in „reenacted history" - the activities of the Friends of the Museum always serve to enable visitors to experience the living history of the LVR-Open Air Museum Kommern. Many action days, which take place throughout the year, like the „Fun-fair in the year dot“, the special event „After the Harvest“, or „Advent in the Museum" originated at the suggestion of the Friends’ association - that is to say from users of the museum - and are even financially supported by them.

Once a year the Friends association sends out invitations to the „Schlachtfest“ in the museum, a country feast with freshly slaughtered meat. To feed their hunger, we serve our guests a „Schlachtplatte“of pork and sausages, for which a couple of museum pigs must sacrifice their lives. This is accompanied by a varied program of folk music, evergreens and current hits, performed by a music group from the region. Every year we have a tombola/raffle, in which the prize drawn is for a weekend trip for two people. In addition there are many other lovely prizes. The fee to cover costs includes admission and a „Schlachtplatte“ of pork and sausages.

In the Westerwald Group of Buildings, near the entrance/reception building, there is a corner shop, a so-called "Tante Emma-Laden“, which is run by the Friends of the Museum. Here you will find, among many other things, ham, mettwurst, black pudding and liver sausage made from the German Weideschwein, which was brought back for the first time to the Rhenish Open Air Museum in a reverse breeding process. Furthermore, here you can also buy earthy black bread from the museum’s bakery, on which you can spread goat’s cheese, or home-made jam, according to taste.

The activities of the Friends association always serve the museum’s visitors. Therefore it is worth becoming a member of the Friends of the Museum in order to support a good cause.

As a member of the Friends of the Museum you receive:

  • Free admission to the museum
  • Free parking
  • Invitations to the special events of the museum (exhibition openings, action days)
  • The magazine Rheinische Heimatpflege free of charge and
  • he publications of the Museum at a concessionary price for members.

Further info:

Tel.: 02443-9980-147
Fax. 0221-82 84 2930

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