Audio-guide through the museum grounds

Audio-guide through the museum grounds

At the entrance/reception you can hire an audio-guide. This guides you through the museum and informs you about the buildings, objects and living conditions of our ancestors, partly in the form of dialogues between characters, as in a radio play.

The audio-guide is available in German, English, Dutch and French. There is also a version using videos with sign-language.

Hire fee: € 2.50

Digital exhibition companion through the exhibition „We Rhinelanders"

In the kiosk in front of the Exhibition Hall you can hire the digital exhibition companion for the exhibition "WirRheinländer". The Rhenish cabaret artists Gaby Köster and Jürgen Becker introduce you to the epochs of the exhibition, Alexa Christ describes the historical background to the scenes.

You can get an impression of this here: Digitaler Ausstellungsbegleiter through the exhibition „We Rhinelanders"

Hire fee: € 2

Zur Ausstellung WirRheinländer

Opening hours

The Open Air Museum is open on 365 days of the year. In summer from 9.00a.m. till 7.00p.m, in winter from 10.00a.m. till 5.00p.m.



Tel. 02443 / 99800

Friends of the Museum (Förderverein)

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Förderverein Rheinisches Freilichtmuseum Kommern e.V.

Forest Learning Centre Eifel

The Forest Learning Center"WaldPädagogikZentrum Eifel" (WPZ) ) originated from a cooperation between the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR: a self-governing body of Rhenish councils), Regional Forestry and Wood NRW, and the Zülpicher Börde Forestry Authority. It is located in the LVR-Open Air Museum Kommern.

Portal Alltagskulturen

Das Freilichtmuseum ist Teil des DFG-Projektes "Digitales Portal Alltagskulturen im Rheinland – Wandel im ländlichen Raum 1900-2000“.

Portal Alltagskulturen im Rheinland