Special Needs

Special Needs

At this point we would like to give you information about the grounds, our service and the possible options, so that you can find your way around easily. The notes can also be downloaded as a pdf-file, including pictures of the facilities and infrastructure:

Zielgruppenspezifische Hinweise zur Barrierefreiheit im LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern (de) (PDF, 257 KB)

Local Public Transport

Getting to the museum by bus

It is possible to get to the Open Air Museum by public bus (Line 894). From Monday to Friday the museum bus (Line 894, request bus! Phone an hour before departure!) drives from Mechernich railway station to the Open Air Museum. Tel. +49 (0)2443 / 10 00.

Attention: The Museum Bus is a request service route! It is absolutely necessary that you register your request at least one hour before the scheduled time of departure. There is a TaxiBus sur-charge of € 0.50 cents per child (up to 14 years old) and € 1.00 per adult which must be paid.

Taxi with a discount!

We will refund part of your travel expenses on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. For the use of a taxi from Mechernich railway station to the museum (and return) you will receive a refund of € 5 at the entrance/reception desk of the museum when you show your taxi receipt, together with your VRS-ticket when paying the regular adult admission fee.

The timetable information of the Rhein-Sieg Transport Authority (VRS) can be found here:

Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg

Current timetable information of Deutsche Bahn railways can be found here:

Deutsche Bahn

Access, Parking, Prices

Information about the grounds

At this point we would like to give you information about the grounds, our services and the possible options on offer, so that you can find your way around as easily as possible. These notes can also be downloaded as a pdf-file, including pictures of the facilities and infrastructure:

Information about the buildings

For reasons of historical authenticity, many buildings can only be entered by stepping over a threshold approx. 20 cm high, and/or climbing other steps. In the interiors the buildings are often weakly lighted, or not at all. Some houses have been fitted with mobile ramps, which can be put in place by your accompanying person.

Restaurant and snack-bars

Gastwirtschaft zur Post

The "Gastwirtschaft zur Post" restaurant in the Westerwald Group of Buildings serves warm meals all year round. In the winter season it is closed on Mondays.

Opening hours

Summer: daily from 9.00a.m. till 6.00p.m.

Winter: Tue - Sun from 10.00a.m. till 4.00p.m.; closed on Mondays

Gaststätte Watteler

In the historical tavern „Gaststätte Watteler“ from Eschweiler ü. Feld at the „Market-place Rhineland" coffee and cake is served, as well as a limited range of food and beverages. In matching style to the restaurant, it is typical for the 1970’s.

Opening hours

The tavern „Gaststätte Watteler“ is closed during the winter season (1st Nov. till 31th Mar.).

Opening hours in the summer season:

Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday, 12 noon till 6.00p.m. (also open on Fridays during school holidays in NRW).

Snack bars

In the entrance/reception building and at the Museum Square in front of the exhibition halls there are snack bars, selling coffee and little snacks. Tables and chairs are available here, at which to take a breather.

Individual information can be obtained directly from staff at the entrance/reception area

Telephone: 02443 / 99800

Telefax: 02443 / 9980133

E-Mail: kommern@lvr.de


You can store your luggage in lockers by the entrance and reception desks.

Information about projects, guided tours and courses

All projects, guided tours and courses can be found here. You can also call at kulturinfo and get advice or book: Tel. 02234/9921555, info@kulturinfo-rheinland.de

Kids’ Carts

By the entrance and reception desks you can hire a kids’ cart (Bollerwagen) to pull behind you for a fee of 3 €. During the year the museum offers a series of events and activities especially for children. You can find details about them in the Annual Program.

Walking frames

The Friends of the Museum have purchased walking framesfor the museum, which can be borrowed at the entrance / reception desk.

Lost Property

Lost and found property is kept at the entrance/reception desks. Tel. 02443-9980140

Barrier-free Access

The Open Air Museum is situated on a hilltop and therefore includes gradients of up to 17 % in some places. The footpaths are largely made of cobblestones, as well as water-bound surfaces. Between the individual Groups of Buildings there are benches in the grounds, as well as picnic areas with tables. … more about barrier-free access

Dogs in the Museum

Naturally, your dog is allowed to come into the museum with you. But please keep the dog on a short leash (reel-leashes must be locked) while observing the usual legal regulations. Unfortu-nately, dogs are not allowed into the houses and exhibition halls.


You will encounter subjects for photographic and video recordings all over the grounds. Natural-ly, you are welcome to photograph or film them, but only for private purposes to remember your visit. The commercial use or publication of such images is not permitted. For further in-formation check out Photography in the Museum.